Automatically change your footer copyright

Another year passes by with all the usual fun and frivolity, however, Did you remember to change your Copyright on your website footer?

Chances are, this wasn’t too high on your list, and you might overlook it until somebody mentions it to you in May.
There is no reason to have to do this yearly maintenance if you don’t mind doing a little cut and pasting.

First, find where your copyright is inserted. In Joomla, it is generally at the bottom of the templates index.php file. Depending on the template, it may be in a different location. Your mileage may vary.

joomla copyright

Now, we will simply change the 2009 date, to this bit of php code:
(Remove the space after the )

So it looks like this now.

self updating copyright

Pretty sweet right?

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  1. Greatest tip ever !!!
    I have done this on a few websites, but not all of them. I will eventually makes this standard on everything I do.

  2. Those details are more important than people imagine. I just finished to make a privacy policy, something else that can affect your SEO although most people are unnaware of it.

  3. There are no words but these two: THANK YOU! I’ve been working on trying to learn Joomla for my business for the past several weeks and for the tasks I’m trying to complete on my website today, you decreased my stress level by a good 1/3. Thank you so much for your clear (and easy) directions!

  4. Thanks pal…

  5. thank you Mr Matthew :)

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