– Free Online Storage on Steroids (and sexy too!)

On my usual rounds today, for cutting edge new sites and services
and have stumbled across a couple of good ones. One however stands out
of the rest, i spose the fact that its something i have been looking
for kind of helps. is a awesome online storage site, that has a
great “free” plan, as well as some very reasonable packages.

The interface i spose is whats impressed me the most. Being a web
designer myself, its always good to see nice sites that combine good
graphics, colors, overall design and most importantly ease of use. From
the home page, their packages page and the final product (myspace after
signing up), everything is crisp clean and consistent.

Within a couple of seconds i was logged in and creating my various
folders for backing up my work and personal documents. I will need to
report back a bit later, with a full list of their features – as i have
only started using the services, but in the meantime check it out for
yourself at

The free account gives you 1gb of storage, which will suffice for
now – but you can also get a free upgrade by referring your friends,
family (and people reading your blog ;0)

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  1. Hi Matt,

    My name is Alex Willen, and I work with the OpenBox platform at I’m glad to see you’ve found our service to be useful, and I have something Joomla-related in mind for Box that I’d love to talk to you about. If you could shoot me an email at awillen (at) box (dot) net, I’d appreciate it.


  2. will do.

  3. I’d be very interested as a consumer of both and Joomla!


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