Joomla Template Workshop (LIVE)

Joomla template Biggie Smalls
Daniel from, creator of the Joomla template “Biggie Smalls”, is now meeting the demand from the community and is offering a live workshop.

“…a lot of my members asked me if I could show them how to make templates like I did; therefore by popular demand, I’m organizing a live training webinar wherein I will teach you all you need to know in matter of 3 hours instead of the 3 months it would take you should you have decided to go figure it out yourself.”

Content, time and place

This webinar takes place on March 6 and will have a duration of 3 hours. For full content (and it’s a lot!) of the workshop, click here. Bonus: you also get get the developer version of the Biggie Smalls template (value USD 147).

CLICK HERE to register for this event
(Enter discount code JOOMLAJUNKIE for 30% off!

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