Moving your Joomla site from one server to another.

To move your Joomla! site from either one folder to another or one server to another, here are a few basics.
    * Copy over your files, either via ftp or SSH/command line
    * Backup and then restore your database – perhaps using phpmyadmin or SSH/command line
      (this step only needed if moving site from one server to another.
    * Edit your configuration.php file to reflect the new values. Specifically the following:

      $josConfig_user = ‘joomla_joomla';
      $josConfig_password = ‘password';
      $josConfig_db = ‘joomla_joomla';
      $josConfig_absolute_path = ‘/home/joomla/public_html';
      $josConfig_live_site = ‘‘;
      $josConfig_cachepath = ‘/your absolute path/cache';

Note: You may also need to ensure you have configured your .htaccess file in the new location.

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