Neccessary tools. Firebug in Firefox.

Have you ever wanted to know how your site looked with a different color font, but had no idea how to find where the font color was in the template code?  You are not using Firebug then.

First things first, if you are not using Firefox to develop and build your websites you need to start. Firefox is the defacto standard and if you are trying to build a website in IE you are making things 10 times harder on yourself so, let’s make you a better person.
First, go…..get Firefox. While you are installing tools, grab Firebug too. Firebug is a plugin for Firefox that will allow you to edit css on the fly as well as find where css or various code is located.
Showing you how to use these tools is beyond the scope of this article, but isn’t terribly complicated.  The developers websites go into detail if you ned more involved help.

There are lots of tools that you can plugin to Firefox to make your development day easier. Firebug is the most important though, and a great start to making you a better designer/developer/coder.

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